About High Street Claims

Our Experience

High Street Claims launched in November 2008. Our leadership team have over thirty years’ experience in the financial services industry and have day-to-day knowledge of dealing with banks and building societies. As a company, the words Honesty, Integrity and Trust are a major part of our vocabulary when dealing with our customers’ claims. We provide the highest standards of customer service and advice and we ensure that we deal with our customers exactly the same way we would like to be dealt with ourselves.

Our Success

Since our launch we have achieved a remarkable level of success for our customers. We have successfully reclaimed millions of pounds in repaid premiums plus interest. We have reduced loan and credit card payments by tens of thousands of pounds by having the Payment Protection Insurance removed. We have had success with every high street lender such as Abbey, HSBC, Halifax, Alliance & Leicester etc. We have had huge success against MBNA credit cards, plus non-high street lenders such as Welcome and Firstplus. Our average timescale for a successful claim is 10 weeks.

Our Promise

We treat every claim the same whether it be for £300 or £15,000. We give no false promises about guaranteeing you that we will be successful on every claim we undertake. Our rapid growth has been based on satisfied, happy customers passing our details on to friends and family and we want you to do the same once you have experienced the High Street Claims customer service standards.