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Mis-sold a financial product?

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Welcome to High Street Claims

High Street Claims provides Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), Packaged Bank Account (PBA), Timeshare and Solar Panel claims advice to people across the UK. We can help claim back what has been potentially mis-sold to clients and this service is provided with no upfront fees.

  • Package Bank Accounts

    Payment Protection Insurance

    Have you held a mortgage, loan, credit or store card in the past 10 years?

    If you think you may have been paying Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) on any type of finance, then you may have a potential claim.

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  • Package Bank Accounts

    Packaged Bank Accounts

    Have you ever paid a monthly fee for your bank account?

    It is now widely acknowledged that most paid-for Package or Premium banking solutions were mis-sold to customers.

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  • Solar Panels

    Have you been persuaded to install solar panel systems on your property? Thousands of people have been promised savings on utility bills, even generating an income from the system.

    Unfortunately, for many, these were empty promises. Our dedicated team can help you recover fees paid to Solar Panel companies.

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  • Payment Protection Plan


    Have you been pressurised into buying a timeshare? Are you locked into a maintenance contract?

    We are experts at helping people exit their timeshare contracts. If you paid a deposit or part-payment to a Timeshare Company on a Credit Card or Credit Agreement then you are eligible to claim.

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